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By using this page you can download files used to create custom step charts for songs in the arcade version of Pump It Up. To download a file, simply click on the Download link to the right. If you prefer to search for a song, you may do so using the search box below. You can search using a number or terms such as a song's ID number (i.e. "101"), UCS number (i.e. "CS166"), song name (i.e. "Ignition Starts") or artist name (i.e. "BanYa"). Please report any broken links you find to our staff and we will be sure to fix them right away.

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UCS IDBannerSongArtistBPMDownload
CS293 1949 1949 Slam220
CS191 1950 1950 Slam200
CS073 2006 Love Song 2006 Love Song BanYa Production96
CS650 86 86 Dasu167
CS008 A Nightmare A Nightmare BanYa120
CS269 A Site De La Rue A Site De La Rue Streme Reverie186
CS146 Accident Accident MAX183
CS624 Achluoias Achluoias D_AAN200
CS670 Acquire Acquire Ryhki155
CS320 Adrenaline Blaster Adrenaline Blaster QWertism150
CS653 After a Thousand Years After a Thousand Years Toto180
CS815 After Like After Like Ive125
CS819 Airplane Airplane Typhoon120
CS018 All I Want For X-Mas All I Want For X-Mas BanYa130
CS602 Allegro Con Fuoco Allegro Con Fuoco DM Ashura156
CS229 Allegro Furioso Allegro Furioso DM Ashura176
CS193 Allegro Piu Mosso Allegro Piu Mosso DM Ashura160
CS813 Alone Alone Highlight115
CS672 Altale Altale Sakuzyo90
CS627 Amai Yuuwaku Dangerous Amai Yuuwaku Dangerous Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome125
CS814 Amor Fati Amor Fati Yeon Ja Kim134
CS183 Amphitryon Amphitryon Gentle Stick155
CS313 An Interesting View An Interesting View BanYa160
CS230 Anguished Unmaking Anguished Unmaking Void170
CS194 Annihilator Method Annihilator Method DM Ashura192
CS800 Another Truth Another Truth Novasonic136
CS678 Aragami Aragami Xi48-196
CS228 Arcana Force Arcana Force mzet:-p175
CS075 Arch of Darkness Arch of Darkness Yahpp135.9
CS106 Arirang Arirang BanYa Production160
CS116 ASDF ASDF Doin170
CS251 Asterios -ReEntry- Asterios -ReEntry- Nasch148
CS175 Avalanche Avalanche Memme175
CS264 Awakening Awakening typeMARS150
CS179 B2 B2 MAX158
CS633 Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico Masayoshi Minoshima138
CS353 Barber Barber's Madness Klass E195
CS618 Baroque Virus Baroque Virus Zircon135
CS676 Battle No. 1 Battle No. 1 Tano*C Sound Team200
CS043 Beat of the War Beat of the War BanYa140-202
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