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Using this page, Pump Pro+ users are able to search our database for any Pump It Up song of their choice. It is possible to search for a song using a variety of terms including the song's ID number (i.e. "101"), name (i.e. "Ignition Starts") or artist (i.e. "BanYa"). Once a song has been located, click the song's title card or name to view the song's information. Our team will be adding more search options in the future, so please check back often. Until then, please report any bugs you may find while using the song search feature.

Search Songs
PE01 ! ! Onyx 39-155
  12 12 Naoki feat. Riyu Kosaka ???
1605 1949 1949 Slam 220
1424 1950 1950 Slam 200
  1llusion 0f the FAIRYtALE hARMONY 1llusion 0f the FAIRYtALE hARMONY Rinka Yume Seine 180
121 1st Battle Disco 1st Battle Disco BanYa 126.01
123 1st Battle Hardcore 1st Battle Hardcore BanYa 180
120 1st Battle HipHop 1st Battle HipHop BanYa 92
122 1st Battle Techno 1st Battle Techno BanYa 160
117 1st Disco Remix 1st Disco Remix Pak Me Kyung / Jo Sung Mo / Uhm Jung Hwa 137
116 1st Diva Remix 1st Diva Remix Fin.K.L / Cleo / Park Me Kyung 134
118 1st Techno Remix 1st Techno Remix Kim Gun Mo / Clon / Sechskies 150
B27 1TYM Lexy REMIX 1TYM Lexy REMIX Lexy / 1TYM 120-127
D14 2006 Love Song 2006 Love Song BanYa Production 96
225 2nd Hidden Remix 2nd Hidden Remix Clon & Sechskies 140
  2nite 2nite Nanobii 146
1713 2step baby 2step baby U-ske 133
322 3rd O.B.G. Diva Remix 3rd O.B.G. Diva Remix Fin.K.L S#arp Hans Band 138
smx 403 Tokyo 2021 403 Tokyo 2021 Naoki Underground 160
F30 45RPM & Eun Ji Won Mix 45RPM & Eun Ji Won Mix 45RPM / Eun Ji Won 123
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