In The Groove Song Search

Using this page, Pump Pro+ users are able to search our database for any In The Groove song of their choice. It is possible to search for a song using a variety of terms including the song's name (i.e. "Anubis") or artist (i.e. "Banzai"). Once a song has been located, click the song's title card or name to view the song's information. Our team will be adding more search options in the future, so please check back often. Until then, please report any bugs you may find while using the song search feature.

Search In The Groove Songs
! ! Onyx 39-155
Agent Blatant Agent Blatant Ernest + Julio 81-162
Amore Amore Uniq 72-143
Anubis Anubis Banzai 110
Baby Baby Baby Baby Bambee 134
Baby Don Baby Don't You Want Me Nina 135
Bend Your Mind Bend Your Mind Reflection Theory 140
Birdie Birdie Doolittle 68-136
Bloodrush Bloodrush TechnoDred 79-158
Boogie Down Boogie Down Inurvise 175
Bouff Bouff Machinae Supremacy 200
Bubble Dancer Bubble Dancer Crispy 137
Bumble Bee Bumble Bee Bambee 138
Changes Changes Sandy Rivera & Haze 125
Charlene Charlene Missing Heart 138
Clockwork Genesis Clockwork Genesis Inspector K 175
Crazy Crazy DJ Doo 135
Cryosleep Cryosleep Machinae Supremacy 68-137
Da Roots (Folk Mix) Da Roots (Folk Mix) Mind Reflection 89-134
Dawn Dawn KaW 138
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