Chrono Circle Song Search

Using this page, Pump Pro+ users are able to search our database for any Chrono Circle song of their choice. It is possible to search for a song using a variety of terms including the song's name (i.e. "Sarabande") or artist (i.e. "MAX"). Once a song has been located, click the song's title card or name to view the song's information. Our team will be adding more search options in the future, so please check back often. Until then, please report any bugs you may find while using the song search feature.

Search Chrono Circle Songs
12 12 Naoki feat. Riyu Kosaka ???
1llusion 0f the FAIRYtALE hARMONY 1llusion 0f the FAIRYtALE hARMONY Rinka Yume Seine 180
86 86 Dasu 167
Abiogenesis Abiogenesis Juggernaut ???
Acquire Acquire Ryhki 155
Active Active Yunosuke 180
Aether Aether Powerless 128
After Ascension After Ascension Srav3R 170
After School After School Weeekly ???
Alice in Misanthrope Alice in Misanthrope Leaf 172
Alien Alien Alien Alien Nayutalien 152
Altale Altale Sakuzyo 90
Amanojaku Amanojaku 164 ???
Aragami Aragami Xi 48-196
ASAP ASAP Stayc 132
Ashigaru Ashigaru Usao ???
Avalanche Avalanche Memme 175
Bad Girl Bad Girl Woo!ah! 125
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