StepManiaX Content Update #39

StepManiaX Content Update #39

 May 26, 2023     Crevolous     StepManiax     Comments

Greetings boys and girls and welcome to the next update for Pump Pro+. While Pump It Up: Phoenix news has gone silent, a new StepManiaX content update was released, bringing five more songs to the fold! We have outline the new songs in the table below and have added their step chart data to our ever growing database. Make sure to take a look and as always, let us know what you think!

Love ArcadeBending Grid124
Poco LocoCarlito120
RadTokyo Machine128
SirensRenold x Scarlett124
The Other SideAu5 & Chime150
The 4th Andamiro Music Contest

The 4th Andamiro Music Contest

 May 19, 2023     Crevolous     PIU     Comments

Happy Friday fellow Pumpers and welcome to the next update for Pump Pro+. We wanted to bring more light to the 4th Andamiro Music Contest and let all of you know you can head over the Official Pump It Up YouTube channel to vote for your favorite songs and artists. I would post all the videos here, but given the number of songs submitted, it would make this post rather lengthy. We want to congratulate all of the entries that have made it this far and we look forward to learning more about the songs as time goes on.

Danza MacabraVaarzuleth
Uma feat. 橘花音Wither Garden
Super Duper Combo Eatertn-shi
Crash Landing!Starlight Café
Crimson HoodSpringhead
Fullblaxt ExceedSh.r-Y
Imaginarized CityReku Mochizuki
404 Not FoundQuree vs HOTTOEBi
EarendelPalami feat. neur6sia
Kimagure AttentionNow Field
Watch and LearnJorts
Athena's ShieldJehezukiel
14th posthumousFiverwater
Hymn of Golden GloryEssbee
Murdoch vs. OtadaESPITZ vs WONDERTRAVELER Project
Mizdirectiondirty magiq
Chrono Circle Ver. 1.39

Chrono Circle Ver. 1.39

 May 15, 2023     Crevolous     Chrono Circle     Comments

Chrono Circle Ver. 1.39

I am a bit late to the party for Chrono Circle updates, but I do promise to keep up with them in the future. I have yet to play this interesting looking game, but some day I look forward to playing it. It has a number of Pump It Up crossovers and April's update is no exception. With that said, four Pump It Up songs have jumped over and I have outlined them down below. As previously mentioned, I will be making articles for this game in the near future in order to archive this content. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Le Grand RougeKIENVariety
God Mode feat. SkizzoNatoVariety
Pump It Up: Phoenix Chart Changes

Pump It Up: Phoenix Chart Changes

 May 13, 2023     Crevolous     PIU     Comments

Quite a bit of information has come out in regards to step chart changes in Pump It Up: Phoenix. A list was compiled thanks to a member of the Pump It Up Players Facebook group using videos uploaded by FEFEMZ. It seems the following rating changes will stick, but it is always possible they could be re-rated before the final game comes out. We will continue to bring more information as it comes. I have compiled a lengthy list of charts that were changed in the early access version of Pump It Up: Phoenix in an article for easy consumption. Again, please keep in mind there are many more changes to come and the ratings in this article may not be final.

In Other Site News: I have been super busy cleaning up website HTML and CSS code, and have added a number of visual changes that bring the site up to date. I have also added a Pump It Up songs search page for easy access. I plan on working behind the scenes to make the site better and eventually give it an overall new look to freshen up things further. A big thanks to Gyo for his assistance in providing Pump It Up: Phoenix assets, including the logo and font face.

PIU Phoenix Footage from FEFEMZ!

PIU Phoenix Footage from FEFEMZ!

 May 11, 2023     Crevolous     PIU     Comments

It has only been about a day since Pump It Up: Phoenix was officially announced and footage of the game is rolling out thanks to FEFEMZ who is attending the event. A handful of videos have been uploaded to his channel, including new and returning songs and those that have had their step chart ratings adjusted. I am trying to find the list of charts that have been confirmed to be changed and will outline the changes in a document just as soon as I can find it. For now, please watch the videos below and as always, let us know what you think!

If you would like to see more, please keep an eye on FEFEMZ's official YouTube channel as he has been uploading a ton of content from the game, including material for new songs. A special thanks goes out to him for providing and uploading this footage.

A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes!

A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes!

 May 10, 2023     Crevolous     PIU     Comments

After a long four years, a new Pump It Up title has been announced, bringing a number of new and exciting features to the franchise that promise to make this release one of the best in a long, long time. Pump It Up 2023: Phoenix is rumored to be released some time later this year and will bring some new elements to the franchise, including a new scoring system and new plates based on certain conditions. This entry in the series will introduce two distinct modes, one for Normal and another for Premium play. The second teaser video promises adjustments for 1,000+ step charts and gimmick changes in order to balance out the difficulty of the game. It has been noted that there will be a reorganization of existing reward titles and an additional 150+ titles for this game in particular. We have put together a list of songs shown in the latest teaser and will bring more information as it comes.

Beautiful LiarMonsta X130K-Pop
Teddy BearStayc119K-Pop
After LikeIve125K-Pop
R.I.P.Eicateve192World Music
AltaleSakuzyo83-90World Music
AragamiXi196World Music
GoodtekEbimayo190World Music
Etude Op 10-4MAX176Original

At the end of video is an extensive list of artists that may be included in the game, including but not limited to: NAOKI unground -Ω-, TAG underground overlay, Onoken, and more!

StepManiaX Content Update #38

StepManiaX Content Update #38

 Apr 30, 2023     Crevolous     StepManiax     Comments

Unfortunately, there has not been any solid Pump It Up news that I can confirm for quite sometime. About a month ago, an update was released on the Official Pump It Up YouTube channel teasing a new game is on its way, but I refused to acknowledge it as the video was uploaded on April 1st. I have heard rumors we are to receive more news on May 13th and I am crossing my fingers hoping for something solid. In the meantime, another StepManiaX content update has been released and it looks fun as always. This update introduces five new songs to the game and we outlined them in the table below. Take a look and as always, let us know what you think!

A Little LoveGlitterati125
Stockholm to BombayDr. Bombay140
WorkStella Mwangi124
StepManiaX Content Refresh Update

StepManiaX Content Refresh Update

 Apr 16, 2023     Crevolous     StepManiax     Comments

StepManiax Content Refresh Update

Greetings one and all and welcome to the next update for Pump Pro+. A lot has happened in the last week, one of which brings sad news. For an unknown reason, YouTube decided to delete the our channel after 10 years on the platform. We had a library of over 800 videos, some of which are lost because they were not backed up. I have re-created the channel and will post a link and update once everything is to the point I would like it to be. From now on, I will be avoiding uploading songs with blatant copyright issues and posting those on a different platform such as Daily Motion and our Facebook page. I want to thank all of our subscribers for being a part of the old channel and it is my hope they will continue to support us on our new channel.

In Other News: A new StepManiaX content update has been released bringing over a number of Plus and Team charts. We are very excited about this update and hope to bring more information through our database within time. As always, please let us know what you think and thank you for your continued support!

StepManiaX Content Update #37

StepManiaX Content Update #37

 Mar 27, 2023     Crevolous     StepManiax     Comments

It has been what feels a long while since we last had a StepManiaX content update. Per usual, this month's update contains five new songs, one of which is a new composition by Naoki of Bemani fame. We have outlined all the juicy details below and want to know what you think about this newest update. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Do My ThingPRTY ANML125
Down LowHr. Troels x Felix Schorn123
Nothing Else MattersKatya Ocean186
SamuraiRameses B87-174
Techno WorldNaoki Underground150
The 4th Contents Creation Contest

The 4th Contents Creation Contest

 Feb 10, 2023     Crevolous     PIU     Comments

The 4th Andamiro Contents Creation Contest

It has been a considerable amount of time since we received a Pump It Up update. Earlier today, the Official Pump It Up social media accounts announced a new contents creation contest, asking their fans to submit original music and noteskins for a potential upcoming content update. We have created an article outlining the contest and all the official rules. The contest begins today and concludes on May 7th of this year. Please check it out and the very best of luck to all those who participate. We will continue to bring you more information concerning this contest as it comes. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

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