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Have a question, comment, or concern reguarding Pump Pro+ or its staff? If so, please feel free to contact our staff by using one of the methods below.

Adrian "Crevolous" Bruno

An avid dance and rhythm simulation enthusiast, Adrian has dedicated himself to the community over the last decade. Beyond all the repititious stomping and finger tapping, Adrian also dabbles in web design, drawing, and writing. Please contact Adrian if you have any questions, concerns, or questions regarding the website and its numerous errors

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Aldo "Pops" DiPasqua

Aldo has been a long-time contributor to the Pump Pro+ website creating a number of difficult and creative step charts for dozens of songs. While Aldo isn't the best Pump It Up player, he is always on his game when it comes to making new charts for songs past and present. In his spare time, Aldo enjoys playing World of Warcraft and pestering his girlfriend with pictures of items from Publix supermarket.

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Christopher "Pipo221" Cortes

Claiming to be the heftiest Pump It Up player in the world, Christopher has a keen eye for details and regularly examines the content on Pump Pro+ to ensure its quality. In his spare time, Christopher works on his personal Pump It Up projects including Rave It Out.

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Hudson "Kaze" Felker

Affectionately known as "Kaze" in the dance simulation community, Hudson temporarily joined the Pump Pro+ development team some years ago. While a part of our small and humble team, Hudson brought his step chart writing abilities to the table creating some of the toughest charts on the website at that time. Since his absence from the team, Hudson joined Team Infinity creating and managing the five-panel dance simulation title, Pump It Up Infinity. In his spare time Hudson enjoys playing dance and rhythm simulation titles of all kinds.

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Ryan Adams

Ryan is the newest member of the Pump Pro+ development team. While not a step chart writer, Ryan helps out by adding audio previews to each and every song on the website. We greatly appreciate Ryan's assistance in this recent project.

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Vincent "XOXGeneration" Kim

Vincent is the youngest contributor to Pump Pro+. Vincent is a phenominal stepchart artist specializing in unique patterns and gimmicks while following traditional Pump It Up standards. Vincent has also made charts for other dance simulation projects such as Rave It Out, Pump It Up FIESTA 2, and Pump It Up Infinity. Vincent is the founder of the SM Project Group which brings simfile authors together from all over the world.

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Join Our Staff

Pump Pro+ is currently looking to expand its staff in a number of departments. If you're an avid dance/rhythm enthusiast and have a strong background in simfile, graphic, or web design, then contact us today! Please send an e-mail to Crevolous along with information about yourself and an example of your best work.

Hablas Español? No Hay Problema!

Pump Pro+ está buscando ampliar su personal en un número de departamentos con personas de todas partes del mundo. Si usted tiene experiencia en el diseño simfile, gráfico o web, póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy! Por favor, envíe un e-mail a Pipo221 (Representate Bilingüe) junto con la información sobre sí mismo y un ejemplo de su mejor trabajo.

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