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 Nov 22, 2016    Crevolous    Comments

How It All Began...

Back in the year 2007 a new Pump It Up game emerged in many arcades across the United States and around the world called Pump It Up Pro. The game was developed by a company called Fun In Motion. The Fun In Motion team was comprised mostly of the developers of another dance simulation title called In The Groove and its sequel, In The Groove 2. The creators of "ITG", as it is called in the dance simulation community wanted to create a game that served as a bridge between the four-panel series "In The Groove" and the five-panel series "Pump It Up". As a result, "Pump It Up Pro" appeared on the market as a way for ITG players to transition to Pump It Up. The first Pump It Up Pro release combined elements and songs from the In The Groove series with those of the Pump It Up series. As a result, many Pump It Up players got to experience mines and rolls for the first time during five-panel play.

The Birth of Pump Pro+

In early 2008, dance simulation enthusiast Crevolous, dreamed of putting together a website solely dedicated to Pump It Up Pro. He sought to create a website where dance simulation fanatics could come and download edits for the arcade version of Pump It Up Pro. Over many months, Crevolous re-constructed simfiles for songs found on Pump It Up Pro and created edits. He had some success re-creating a few simfiles, but lacked the skill to re-create those with more complex BPM changes, stops, and note types. Although he wasn't able to create many simfiles, he never gave up and did as many as he could with the tools and resources available.

In late 2008, Crevolous was given simfiles from the arcade version of Pump It Up Pro. He could now create edits for all the songs on the game without having to re-create each and every simfile. Thanks to this important contribution, Pump Pro+ was now more than a dream.

Other Contributions

Over time, many Pump It Up enthusiasts have contributed to Pump Pro+ in various ways. Some have transcribed simfiles, while others have submitted high-quality background videos, official simfiles, edits, note skins, and other goodies. Some have even contributed by allowing the staff of the website to test their material on personal Pump It Up machines. Without these contributions, Pump Pro+ would not be the success that it is today.

Our Future

While the future is always uncertain, the Pump Pro+ development team does have a plan for improvement. Their desire is to bring the highest quality simfiles to their users without restrictions or laziness. They simply want to promote the product they are passionate about and support the official arcade releases by not distributing official material immediately after its release. The Pump Pro+ development team also hopes to allow the website's users to register for a user account so they can provide feedback to the project's developers. They also hope to re-build the Pump It Up Pro community by bringing like-minded players together so they can discuss the community as a whole.

This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please support Andamiro and Pump It Up by playing official releases at your local arcade.