Chrono Circle Updates

 Jan 03, 2023    Crevolous    Chrono Circle

Chrono Circle version 1.34

It has been a bit since our last Chrono Circle update. With as many StepMania related things going on and creating new content for StepP1/Prime, my time has been divided. However, I would like to present news on the latest two updates in order to bring more attention to Andamiro's latest rhythm game venture. Below are the songs found in version 1.34. This content updates introduces Chrono Pass Season 5 which brings a winter theme, along with skins and avatars related to winter. I intend on creating an article detailing each release later this week, so please keep your eyes posted.

Pledge of WindTAG feat. Risa YuzukiOriginal
Cotton CandyAbel & RiraNOriginal
After AscensionSrav3RVariety

Version 1.33 of Chrono Circle was released last year on December 1st and introduced four new songs to the game. No other features were added in this update.

Energy StrikeStreetOriginal
Speed KingMorimori AtsushiOriginal
Alice in MisanthropeLeaFVariety


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