Next Xenesis (NX2)

Next Xenesis (NX2)
Title: Next Xenesis (NX2) Next Xenesis (NX2)
Release Date: 01/21/2008
Platform: Arcade
Location: Global
Download: Download
E16 A Maelstrom A Maelstrom PIA 102
E75 A Maelstrom F A Maelstrom F PIA 102
E10F A.U Ready? A.U Ready? Gil Gun 94
E10 A.U Ready? A.U Ready? Gil Gun 94
E17 Astral Song Astral Song Crying Nut 95-200
E20 Beat # No. 4 Beat # No. 4 HEaDTriP 121
E02 Beat the Ghost Beat the Ghost BanYa Production 88-124
E03 Caprice of Otada Caprice of Otada BanYa Production 160
E26 Chopstix (NX2) Chopstix (NX2) Sonic Dimension 134
E21 Come Back Home Come Back Home Taiji Boys 93
E72 Come Back Home F Come Back Home F Taiji Boys 93
E19 Compunction Compunction May 133
E27 Dance All Night (NX2) Dance All Night (NX2) Oscillator X 140
E12 Faster Z Faster Z Yahpp 162
E22 Feel the Soul Feel the Soul Seo Taiji 93.54
E73 Feel the Soul F Feel the Soul F Seo Taiji 93.3
E76 Fly F Fly F Epik High 128
E08 Get My Phone Call Get My Phone Call Mina 108
E30 Groovin Groovin' Motion (NX2) Sonic Dimension 130
E23 Guitar Man Guitar Man BanYa Production 120