Edits Section is Now Available!

 Nov 26, 2018    Crevolous    Miscellaneous    Comments

Hey there fellow Pumpers and happy Monday to you! I have been working hard on updating content on the site including the long and neglected edits section. The edits section is now live and is updated to reflect the current look and feel of the website. I plan on adding more edit files to the site (even though most players no longer play PRO or PRO 2) to round out our collection. Also, all simfile and chart data for songs up to New Xenesis (NX) have been added to our database bringing us to over 1,000 songs and 4,700 charts. These new updates also include a majority of the songs from Pump It Up Infinity and a handful of those from Next Xenesis (NX2). Stay tuned for more information to come concerning future updates as they will be coming more frequently. Until next time fellow Pumpers!