Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.10

 Nov 29, 2017    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.10

New Songs

  1. Song: Heart Attack
    Artist: DJ Counterforce
    BPM: 148
    Default Step Chart: S07, S11, S16, D09, D18
    Unlocked Step: S??, D??
  2. Song: Nakakapagpabagabag
    Artist: Dasu feat. Kagamine Len
    BPM: 145
    Default Step Chart: S10, S14, S18, D15, Co-op x 2
    Card Step Only: D??
  3. Song: Cross Time
    Artist: Brandy
    BPM: 160
    Default Step Chart: S03, S07, S11, S15, D11, D17
    Card Step Only: S??, D??
  4. Song: Keep On!
    Artist: AmaoriP
    BPM: 185
    Default Step Chart: S06, S12, S15, D12, D17
    Unlocked Step: S??, S??, D??, D??

New Step Charts

  1. Song: Get Your Groove On
    Artist: BanYa
    BPM: 96
    Step Chart: D??
  2. Song: Caprice of Otada
    Artist: BanYa Production
    BPM: 160
    Step Chart: S??
  3. Song: Monolith
    Artist: Affinity
    BPM: 196
    Step Chart: D??
  4. Song: Reminiscence
    Artist: MAX
    BPM: 155
    Step Chart: S??, D?? - 6th U.C.S Contest Winner

Quest Zone

Quest Chapter 5 is updated

  1. Song: Final Audition 2
    Step Chart: S08, S10, S16, S17
  2. Song: Up & Down
    Step Chart: S15, D15, D16, D17
  3. Song: Naissance
    Step Chart: S06, S13, S19, S21
  4. Song: Kasou Shinja
    Step Chart: S18, S20, D19, D21
  5. Song: Ignition Starts
    Step Chart: S15, S18, D17, D24

Minor Bug Fixing

Minor bugs and glitches have been fixed.