Pump It Up: PRIME Ver. 1.13

 Jan 29, 2016    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME ver 1.13

New Songs

  1. Song: Creed -1st Desire-
    Artist: TatshMusicCircle
    BPM: 163
    Default Step Chart: S04, S07, S12, D11, DP05
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, S??, D??, D??
  2. Song: Point Zero One
    Artist: Synthwulf
    BPM: 170
    Default Step Chart: S09, S16, D11, D17
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  3. Song: Elysium
    Artist: Warak
    BPM: 128
    Default Step Chart: S04, S08, S15, D10, D16
  4. Creed -1st Desire- (Full Song)
    Artist: TatshMusicCircle
    BPM: 163
    Default Step Chart: S18, S23, D19, D24

New Unlock Step Charts

  1. Song: Avalanche
    Artist: Memme
    Step Chart: S22 - Released!
  2. Song: Ragnarok
    Artist: Synthwulf
    Step Chart: S20 - Released!

Quest Zone

  1. Song: All I Want for Christmas
    Step Chart: S06, S11, D07, D18
  2. Song: Caprice of Otada
    Step Chart: S06, S08, S17, S19
  3. Song: Unique
    Step Chart: D12, D16, D19, D20
  4. Song: Chimera
    Step Chart: S11, S16, S18, S23
  5. Song: Blazing
    Step Chart: S09, S15, D19, D23

Unlocked Step Charts

  1. Song: Reminiscence
    Step Chart: S17, D18 - Released!
  2. Song: Hyacinth
    Step Chart: S18, D19 - Released!
  3. Song: Imprinting
    Step Charts: S17 - Released!

New Features

Arcade location name is now indicated in game result screen

Minor bugs have been fixed