UCS Base Files
Make Your Own Steps

By using this page you can download files used to create custom step charts for songs in the arcade version of Pump It Up. To download a file, simply click on the Download link to the right. Please report any broken links you find to our staff and we will be sure to fix them right away.

UCS No.UCS SongUCS SongBPMDownload
CS191 1950 1950200
CS146 Accident Accident183
CS018 All I Want For X-Mas All I Want For X-Mas130
CS193 Allegro Piu Mosso Allegro Piu Mosso160
CS183 Amphitryon Amphitryon155
CS183 Annihilator Method Annihilator Method192
CS075 Arch of Darkness Arch of Darkness34-204
CS106 Arirang Arirang160
CS116 ASDF ASDF85-170
CS175 Avalanche Avalanche175