Title: Exceed Exceed
Release Date: 04/01/2004
Platform: Arcade
Location: Global
Download: Download
A01 Final Audition 3 U.F Final Audition 3 U.F BanYa 130.5
A02 Naissance 2 Naissance 2 BanYa 129
A03 Monkey Fingers Monkey Fingers BanYa 186
A04 Blazing Blazing BanYa 158
A05 Pump Me Amadeus Pump Me Amadeus BanYa 170
A06 X-Tream X-Tream BanYa 162
A07 Get Up! Get Up! BanYa 180
A08 Dignity Dignity Crash 195
A09 Shake That Bootie Shake That Bootie OneTwo 145
A10 Valenti Valenti BoA 104
A11 What Do You Really Want What Do You Really Want Crash 110
A12 Go Go U;nee 138
A13 Flamenco Flamenco Oliver 105
A14 Kiss Me Kiss Me Debbie Scott 126
A15 Essa Maneira Essa Maneira Kaoma 150
A16 Ba Be Loo Be Ra Ba Be Loo Be Ra Kristeen 126
A17 La Cubanita La Cubanita Los NiƱos de Sara 120
A18 Shake It Up Shake It Up Rod 120
A19 One Love One Love S'Max 98
A20 Power of Dream Power of Dream Victoria 122