New Xenesis (NX)

New Xenesis (NX)
Title: New Xenesis (NX) New Xenesis (NX)
Release Date: 12/15/2006
Platform: Arcade
Location: Global
Download: Download
D01 Witch Doctor #1 Witch Doctor #1 Yahpp 122
D02 Arch of Darkness Arch of Darkness Yahpp 135.9
D03 Chimera Chimera Yahpp 210
D04 Go Back Go Back Dynamic Duo 112
D05 Fly Fly Epik High 128
D06 One Night One Night DJ Doc 132
D07 U Inside My Dim Memory U Inside My Dim Memory Hyun Jin Young 118
D08 Free! Free! Jiny 174.60
D08F Free! Free! Jiny 174.6
D09 Lovely Lovely Kim Jong Kook 188
D10 Terminal Depository Terminal Depository Ururbu Project 101-138
D11 For You For You N.E.X.T 160
D11F For You For You N.E.X.T 130-160
D12 Snow Dream Snow Dream Apple Jam 170
D13 Handsome Character That Pass Handsome Character That Pass May 125
D14 2006 Love Song 2006 Love Song BanYa Production 96
D15 Do You Know That -Old School Do You Know That -Old School BanYa Production 120
D16 Gun Rock Gun Rock BanYa Production 104
D17 Bullfighting's Song Bullfighting's Song BanYa Production 168
D18 Ugly Dee Ugly Dee BanYa Production 92