XX: 20th Anniversary Edition

XX: 20th Anniversary Edition
Title: XX: 20th Anniversary Edition XX: 20th Anniversary Edition
Release Date: 01/01/2019
Platform: Arcade
Location: Global
Download: Download
16XX Timing Timing Highteen 164
16XX The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) The Little Prince (Prod. Godic) Haon 115
16XX Boomerang Boomerang Wanna One 100
16XX I'm So Sick I'm So Sick Apink 124
16XX Skeptic Skeptic Doin 200.1
16XX Fly High Fly High Dreamcatcher 154
16XX You and I You and I Dreamcatcher 194
16XX Nyarlathotep (Shortcut) Nyarlathotep (Shortcut) Nato 200
16XX Dement ~After Legend~ Dement ~After Legend~ Lunatic Sounds 210
16XX Good Bye Good Bye Hong Jinyoung 139
16XX Boong Boong (feat. Sik-K) (Prod. GroovyRoom) Boong Boong (feat. Sik-K) (Prod. GroovyRoom) Haon 136
16XX Macaron Day Macaron Day HyuN 173
16XX Black Swan Black Swan Zeron 175
16XX Very Nice Very Nice Seventeen 122
16XX 1949 1949 Slam 220
16XX Kimchi Fingers Kimchi Fingers Garlic Squad 190
16XX XX Opening (Short Cut) XX Opening (Short Cut) MAX 175
16XX 86 86 Dasu 167
16XX Desaparecer Desaparecer Applesoda vs MAX 174
16XX Ice of Death Ice of Death Fiverwater 172