StepManiaX Content Update #30

 Aug 23, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax

It's nearing the end of one month and the beginning of another and that means it is about time for a new StepManiaX update. This month's update is relatively small, consisting of only four songs, but the songs we did get seem great from what I saw in the preview video. I have taken the time to outline the new songs in the table below and will add the songs to our database in the next day or so.

Rainbow Rave ParadeChime150
Space BoyRameses B, Feint & Veela87-174

In Other Site News: Our massive In The Groove and StepManiaX database project is chugging along, but it is taking time. All In The Groove and In The Groove 2 charts are in our database and I am in the process of recording all the PCs version's Doubles charts. I am currently uploading them to our YouTube channel and linking them back to our web in alphabetical order. I do not have an idea when this portion of the project will be complete, but I am uploading between 4 to 8 videos nearly everyday, so I expect this portion to extend at least a month or so. After, I will move onto recording all In The Groove and In The Groove 2 Singles charts which I expect to take a bit longer. Thank you for your continued patience and support fellow Pumpers!


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