Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.41 Announced!

 Jan 09, 2020    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.41

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! I recently came across a graphic for the upcoming patch of Pump It Up: M. Version 1.41 will be released next Thursday, January 16th and comes with a total of ten songs, two of which are exclusive to the mobile version. We have added the songs that will appear in the game in a table below. What do you think about the upcoming release? Let us know and as always, thank you for supporting Pump It Up!

2step babyu-ske133M: Mobile Edition
U Got Me CrazyMAX128Prime: 2015
Forgotten VampireWyvernP137XX
Lucid (PIU Edit)Yak_Won190Fiesta 2
OverblowMAX155Fiesta EX
UltimatumCosmograph202M: Mobile Edition
Binary StarSynthwulf170M: Mobile Edition
HestiaGentle Stick150Prime: 2015
Moment DayMAX158Prime: 2015
Gun RockBanYa Production104New Xenesis (NX)