StepManiaX Content Update #22

 Dec 30, 2021    Crevolous    StepManiax

Salutations and happy end of 2021! Today a new StepManiaX content update has been released and we are here bringing you all the juicy details. For more information about the update, please watch the video above or use the table below. Please accept my sincerest apologies for not creating more content for the website the last few months. I started a new job a couple of months ago and it has kept me incredibly busy. Hopefully I will find more time in the upcoming new year to do more not only on the site, but our social media accounts. Thank you for getting us through another year, we greatly appreciate you!

Don't StopS & K125
Everybody 2 The Sun (Scorccio Hot Edit)Ultimate Heights127
High On Your LoveSafura73
Silent Movie (Odd Chap Remix)Little Violet128
Take TakeMiss V127
The Naughty SongOscillator X128


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