StepManiaX Content Update #31

 Aug 24, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax

Unexpectedly, another content update for StepManiaX came out earlier today. This content update is a most pleasant surprise and dishes out a song I feel is quite unexpected in this franchise, ZiGZaG's Energizer. It is great to see this classic In The Groove song re-introduced in the StepManiaX franchise and it is my hope it will entertain new players who didn't experience the song when it first came out on the scene nearly 20 years ago. Three additional songs come with "Energizer" and they too look like a bundle of fun and I for one cannot wait to play them all. Like yesterday's update, I have outlined the new content in this update below for your viewing pleasure.

Bust It OutFWLR105
Demon's WorldCJ Crew170
TurboTokyo Machine128

Combined with the content update released yesterday, this month's new songs look quite promising. I have added all the songs to our StepManiaX database and will continue to add step chart data as time goes by. Take care and until next time fellow Pumpers!


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