Ultimatum Title Event

 Apr 22, 2022    Crevolous    Comments

Ultimatum Title Event

From April 21st to June 23rd, 2022, the Ultimatum Title Event will take place for Pump It Up. This event is centered on the song "Ultimatum" and has its own dedicated channel for the event. We have outlined the details of this event below for your viewing pleasure.

Event Details

1. Content
- Acquire rewards with the total clear scores from Event Zone created during the event period.

2. Period
- April 21st, 2022 to June 23rd, 2022.

3. Step List
- Ultimatum S17
- Ultimatum S21
- Ultimatum S23
- Ultimatum S25
- Ultimatum D25
- Ultimatum D17

4. Available Commands
- Speed
- Auto Velocity
- Display
- Note Skin

5. Reward
- Top 10 - Ultimatum Rainbow Title
- Top 30 - Ultimatum Gold Title
- Top 50 - Ultimatum Silver Title
- Top 100 - Ultimatum Bronze Title

6. Date of Reward
- July 4th, 2022
- After the event ends, the total score will be announced, and titles will be awarded two weeks later.
- On the date the reward is issued, titles from 1st to 100th will be dispatched in batches.

7. Disclaimer
If cheating is detected, the ID responsible for cheating will be permanently suspended. Please keep this in mind for this and future events. Thank you.

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