Pump It Up: PRIME Ver. 1.14

 Feb 25, 2016    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME ver 1.14

New Songs

  1. Song: Trashy Innocence
    Artist: LastNote
    BPM: 230
    Default Step Chart: S01, S05, S10, S14, D10, D15, Co-Opx02
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  2. Song: Renai Yuusha
    Artist: LastNote
    BPM: 190
    Default Step Chart: S03, S06, S12, S17, D04, D13, D18, Co-Op03
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  3. Song: Just Hold On (To All Fighters)
    Artist: Void
    BPM: 170
    Default Step Chart: S04, S07, S10, S16, D12, D18
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??, D??
  4. Song: Enhance Reality
    Artist: Matduke
    BPM: 170
    Default Step Chart: S09, S14, D11
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  5. Song: Pandora (Full Song)
    Artist: Kara
    BPM: 140
    Default Step Chart: S17, D18

New Step Charts

  1. Song: FFF
    Artist: Doin
    BPM: 200
    Step Chart: D24
  2. Song: Canon-D
    Artist: BanYa
    BPM: 160
    Step Chart: Co-Opx02
  3. Song: Rock the House
    Artist: Matduke
    BPM: 175
    Step Chart: S16 (UCS), D13 (UCS)
  4. Song: Super Fantasy
    Artist: SHK
    BPM: 145
    Step Chart: S14 (UCS), D16 (UCS)
  5. Song: Karyawisata
    Artist: Vesuvia x REDSHIFT
    BPM: 173
    Step Chart: S15 (UCS), D16 (UCS)

Quest Zone

  1. Song: J-Bong
    Step Chart: S07, S08, S13, S18
  2. Song: Final Audition 3
    Step Chart: S06, S09, S14, S18
  3. Song: Chopsticks Challenge
    Step Chart: S06, S17, D16, D19
  4. Song: Com'Back
    Step Chart: S08, S15, D16, D20
  5. Song: Tepris
    Step Chart: S07, S16, D18, D22

Unlocked Step Charts

  1. Song: Bad∞End∞Night
    Step Chart: S17, S19, D18 - Released!
  2. Song: Video Out C
    Step Chart: S17 - Released!

New Features

  1. Random for WPF 2016 was added. Random for WPF Channel is used for the speed category of WPF 2016. VJ mode is enforced, but stage break setting follows the setup of the machine.
  2. U.C.S. Song is Added: Robot Battle


Minor bugs have been fixed