Pump It Up: PRIME Ver. 1.16

 May 03, 2016    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME ver 1.16

New Songs

  1. Song: Moment Day
    Artist: MAX
    BPM: 158
    Default Step Chart: S03, S06, S10, S15, S17, D09, D16, D16, CO-OPx02
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  2. Song: Houkago Stride
    Artist: Last Note.
    BPM: 225
    Default Step Chart: S03, S06, S10, S15, D10, D16
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  3. Song: Idealized Romance
    Artist: Void
    BPM: 140
    Default Step Chart: S02, S04, S07, S11, S16, D10
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  4. Song: Force of Ra
    Arist: Memme
    BPM: 180
    Default Step Chart: S07, S12, S17, D12
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??

New Unlocked Steps

  1. Song: Achluoias
    Artist: D_AAN
    BPM: 200
    Step Chart: D26
  2. Song: Stardust Overdrive
    Artist: typeMARS
    BPM: 175
    Step Chart: D24

Quest "Chapter 15" Updated

  1. Song: Hello William
    Step Chart: S09, S17, D09, D18
  2. Song: Bullfighter's Song
    Step Chart: S05, S08, S16, S19
  3. Song: Ladybug
    Step Chart: S05, S13, D13, D19
  4. Song: Moonlight
    Step Chart: D11, D20, D21, D22
  5. Song: FFF
    Step Chart: S17, S23, D22, D26

Unlocked Step Chart

  1. Creed -1st Desire-
    Step Chart: S18, D18 - Released!

New U.C.S Songs Added

  1. Nemesis
  2. Chinese Restaurant
  3. Hestia
  4. U Got Me Crazy
  5. 1950

*New added U.C.S songs will be used for next U.C.S contest and new contest notice will be announced in detail.

New Features

It is now available to play for 2 players in Rank mode of event mode.


Minor bugs fixed.