Pump It Up: PRIME Ver. 1.15

 Mar 31, 2016    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME Ver 1.15

New Songs

  1. Song: PRIME
    Artist: Tatsh
    BPM: 165
    Default Step Chart: S04, S07, S11, S16, S18, D12, D16, D18
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  2. Song: Mad5cience
    Artist: Paul Bazooka
    BPM: 130
    Default Step Chart: S05, S16, D07, D16
    Unlock Step Chart: S??
  3. Song: Red Snow
    Artist: Cashew
    BPM: 170
    Default Step Chart: S11, S16, D12
    Unlock Step Chart: S??, D??
  4. Song: Break It Down
    Artist: MAZO
    BPM: 176
    Default Step Chart: S07, S14, S16, D05, D12, D17

New Step Charts

  1. Song: Electric
    Artist: The DNC
    BPM: 120
    Step Chart: S17

New Unlocked Step Charts

  1. Song: Annihilator Method
    Artist: DM Ashura
    Step Chart: D24
  2. Song: Imprinting
    Artist: Sakuzyo
    Step Chart: D24

Quest Zone

Quest "Chapter 15" is Updated

  1. Song: Higleddy Piggleddy
    Step Chart: S09, S14, S16, S18
  2. Turkey March -Minimal Tunes-
    Step Chart: S06, S08, S17, S18
  3. Song: Witch Doctor
    Step Chart: S10, S16, S19, S20
  4. Song: Pavane
    Step Chart: S10, S17. D16, D20
  5. Song: X-RaVE
    Step Chart: S06, S09, S17, S24

Unlocked Step Charts

  1. Song: Violet Perfume
    Step Chart: D19 - Released!
  2. Song: Scorpion King
    Step Chart: S19 - Released!
  3. Song: Setsuna Trip
    Step Chart: S18, D19 - Released!
  4. Song: Queen of The Red
    Step Chart: S18, D19 - Released!

New Features

  1. Double Performance step charts have been added.
  2. Various performance step charts for Freestyle category for World Pump Festival 2016
  3. Over 50 new step charts for various songs

Bugs Fixed

Hypercube S17 bug was fixed. VJ Judgement bug in Shortcut, Remix, and Fullsong was fixed.